Friday, 18 April 2014

Pathe Film!

Pathe Films has been running since 1896 a film company run by 5 french brothers. Since the company leapt into life they have documented every move in global culture and news for viewing. Thus giving them one of the best archives of historical footage ever its the combination of entertainment and factual that works so well in the films.

Pathe Modern Company Logo

For the first time ever now in 2014 the films are available on YouTube all 85,000 of them ! Just think this is a brilliant source for research as like I have mentioned in a previous post without filming or images from the time it can be difficult to research for projects within film and theatre. Check it out !

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lilliput music video!

Another music video I have recently been working on again with Night Thief Films ( ) is Sunderland based band Lilliput on their latest single 'The Clock' off their utterly brilliant EP 'Who knows were the time goes?'. This video I assisted the director with the video on the day and just generally helped out it was great fun!  The video is in post production now and currently waiting release so until then here is some snaps from the shoot to feast your eyes on!  Check out the link to their Facebook & soundcloud at the bottom of this post.

Waiting for the band...

Band Full swing!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Young Rebel Set Music Video!

I am currently working with the fabulously talented Company Night Thief Films. We have been working this month on video for Stockton based band Young Rebel Set on there new single 'Yesca & the fear' from their brand new album 'Crocodile'.

The teaser trailer has just been released so get your teeth into this in preparation for the full version very soon!Also then make sure you check out The Night Thief's page you would be a fool not to! The Links are below enjoy !!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Here we go!

This blog starts as of today! I am going to be using this space to talk about current projects and discuss previous ones and what I have learned, developed, created and of course what I enjoyed!! The main thing I also would like to include is influences and inspiration references from other artists and professionals work. Let the blogging begin!